Angewandte & freie Kunst
Ornamentale Piktografie © §  

Julia Herzog & Frei Lichtweg Kunstprojekte



Originators of the avantgarde style of "Ornamental Pictography-Ornapikt®"

are the artists Julia Herzog und Frei Lichtweg





01) In 2003, the Ornapikt® Project was honoured as "Multicultural Art of Peace" by the Bertelsmann publishing house and Johannes Rau, Germany's ex-president. The distinctive feature of Ornapikt® is that it lends itself especially well to use in architectural settings such as façade design. The Project has been recorded on a CD, which is available in various places in Germany.

02) Ornapikt® (ornamental pictography) has become quite well-known since it and the new style trend were debuted on the Internet in 1998. Interest has also been aroused among numerous galleries and representatives of various cultural circles.

03) What distinguishes the new Ornapikt® art projects presented by the artists Herzog and Lichtweg is the connection they create between the various aspects of realism, naturalism and, in part, idealism. But their most prominent feature is the way they incorporate principles of symbolism by combining realistic image elements with abstract, ornamental pictograms. This gives rise to a second style unknown to date.

04) The pictograms integrated in ornamentation carry messages couched in a stylised idiom that are globally understandable. This style offers not only fine art, but also applied art and architecture unlimited multicultural applications that can also enrich fashion and advertising.

05) Coloured ink printing on wood is a novel technique by Frei Lichtweg. The extraordinary quality and effects produced by original hand-made impressions used in conjunction with the planographic printing technique are captivating.

06) Another characteristic feature of the prints is that each of them is a product and expression of the individualities of two artists working in unison. Normally, each detail of the pictures is drawn on paper. The realistic picture elements are meticulously modelled from numerous layers of paint using colour pencils. The pictures are then worked up on a computer to prepare the printing plates for finishing by hand.

We are convinced that the new style will attract even more public interest and that it will find a permanent place in the world of art. The added value of an original work of art by the artist couple Herzog & Lichtweg derives from the individual factors outlined above.



Intension: Ornapikt® english

Example with eye, water and fire


Example I

+ =   for example
eye + tear (water) = eye with tear




Example II

+ =   +>
eye + fire = eye with fire + +>
+ = 43 + 75

no picture

of the new symbol

  for example
fire into eye + tear (water) = fire + eye with tear = tears of joy


Example III

+ =   +>
fire + water ( life) = love    
+ = 74 + 00

no picture

of the new symbol

  for example
love + eye = love into the eyes